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This page contains several study guides for the tests and quizzes in AP Government. Information was obtained from the textbook, instructor, or other students. I make no guarantees on the accuracy or completeness of all information contained herein.


Posted a relatively complete final review guide. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Still have no clue on the essay topic.

Warning! Your intellectual property may soon be stolen.
Excerpt from a Slashdot article: "If you read their terms of use it appears that students' papers become the property of Turnitin.com. Turnitin.com keeps a copy of every student paper submitted and students have no choice in this matter. Where are the rights of the student?"

Working on the massive final review guide, which will be posted sometime tomorrow night (hopefully).

I've received an offer to host the site, so we may moving to a new address in the near future. Thanks JJ.


File Last Updated
Final Exam (Aims) (Tran) 01/22/03
Unit 5 Exam (Aims) 01/19/03
Chapter 18 Equal Rights Under the Law 01/15/03
Chapter 17 Court Cases (Aims) 01/13/03
Chapter 17 Rights to Life, Liberty, and Property 01/13/03
Unit 4 Exam 01/05/03
Chapter 15 Bureaucracy Quiz 01/05/03
Chapter 14 Judiciary Quiz 01/05/03
Chapter 12 and 13 Quiz 01/05/03


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