Copying a DVD on Mac OS X

By Bryce Rocket and UNIhaXor
Updated February 2005
Software Prerequisites:
  1. DVDBackup (Freeware) Alternate Download
  2. DVD2oneX (Shareware) Alternate Download
  3. Burning Software such as Roxio Toast
Part 1 - Ripping the DVD to the Hard Drive
  1. Insert the DVD you wish to copy
  2. Allow the DVD to start playing in DVD Player (open it yourself if it does not start automatically)
  3. Quit DVD Player
  4. Open DVDBackup
  5. Click the "Add DVD Files..." button
  6. Select the root directory of the DVD you wish to copy by clicking the DVD icon on the left pane of the "Select DVD Files, Directories, or Volumes" window
  7. Click "Open"
  8. Ensure that all three checkboxes on the right side of the DVD Backup windows are checked and click "Process Files"
  9. Save to the desktop in the folder VIDEO_TS
  10. After several minutes, the entire DVD will be copied to your hard drive. Click OK.
Part 2 - Compressing the movie to fit on a DVD-R
  1. Open DVD2OneX
  2. Set the source to the VIDEO_TS folder created by DVD backup i.e. /Users/username/Desktop/VIDEO_TS
  3. Select the title with the most chapters
  4. In the audio selection pane that will extend to the right, check "AC3 6ch English"
  5. Click the "Start" button
  6. Create a new folder and click "Select"
  7. Wait several minutes for processing to complete
Part 3 - Burning the files to a DVD-R
  1. Open your preferred burning software
  2. Burn the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders created by DVD2oneX in the new folder you created onto a DVD